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Consultants in supply chain and material handling logistics for distribution, manufacturing, warehousing, fulfillment services, e-commerce, third party, and mail order since 1983

Unique Total Supply Chain Solutions that Separate You From the Competition and Optimize Your Profits


The SCG Total Solution

Growth Modeling, Monitoring

and Planning

So you are always in charge

Distribution/Manufacturing Center Design & Implementation

For optimal performance throughout the supply chain

Optimal Product Mix and


Equals amazing cost reduction

IT Design, Acquisition and Implementation

For complete tools to manage the supply chain for the entire organization

Success Stories


Key Questions to Ask Yourself

  How effective is your supply chain strategy in serving your market?

  Would you like to achieve strategic advantages and tactical superiority to continually outperform the competition? 

  Will present layouts support future storage and distribution needs?

⚈  Are your materials handling systems well-conceived and cost-effective?

⚈  What are effective methods to keep your staff motivated?


Project Benefits

  We analyze, plan, and execute system changes that optimize our client’s customer service while reducing their Supply Chain costs to continually beat the competition.

  By performing growth modeling analysis with our clients and providing monitoring systems, our clients are continually in a planning mode, no longer responding to the latest problem.

  Businesses are now systematized, ensuring maximum employee productivity and easier to monitor and manage operations.

  Optimal product mix and inventory levels result in reduced costs for inventory, space, staff, and equipment with improved customer service.

  Proper balance both optimizing facility throughput while maximizing use of available space.

  By determining proper usage of space and designing optimal layouts, we ensure that our clients will continually be in the right amount and type of space and using it optimally.

  Cutting Edge Technology – our skills in software design, applications, and acquisition ensure complete support throughout the entire organization now and in the future.

  Improved accuracy and efficiency throughout the operation whether manufacturing products or picking orders result in outstanding customer satisfaction.

  High ROI solutions resulting in increased return on capital investment.


Meet Roy Strauss

Roy 12-20 1.jpg

A senior-level executive with over 35 years’ experience including running companies, marketing and selling management consulting services, and conducting consulting projects specializing in Supply Chain Logistics. Accomplishments include: improving clients’ competitive position, substantial cost reduction, increased performance and productivity, design and implementation of warehouse management and operational software, and in two cases actually “saving a client’s business.” Started the Strauss Consulting Group in Oakland, New Jersey in 1983.

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