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Success Stories


Fujifilm USA

Project objective:

Design a new regional 400,000 square foot distribution facility in Raritan Center, NJ for optimal efficiency and use of available space


Objective Achieved:

  SCG worked with the Fuji team to redesign the original building plan to increase available space by 20%

  Reviewed the builder’s contract with management and reduced costs by $400,000

  Redesigned the building adding 7’ to the building height and strategically used 2 mezzanines. This allowed Fuji to switch from a very narrow to narrow aisle rack system which optimized both facility flow and use of available space


SCG’s distinctive advantage: SCG’s skill sets in growth, systems, equipment, design, and contract analysis allowed Fujifilm to optimize space usage and operations and reduce building costs by more than $400,000.

Fujifilm USA

Delaware Valley Wholesale Florist (DVFlora)

DVFLORA is the largest wholesale florist in the country and the industry leader. Recent changes to the business had caused trucks to leave 2 hours late resulting in reduced sales.

Project objective:

To redesign the distribution operation so trucks could leave on time


Objective achieved:

SCG redesigned DV’s systems, internal communications, and dock/shipping area layout, allowing trucks to leave three hours earlier. 


  DVFlora realized $15+ million in additional annual revenue as the extra hour gained from the study allowed DV to expand their service area to additional counties and states


DVFlora was so satisfied with the results that they next requested SCG review every department in the company (over the next 3 years). SCG provided highly effective, low-cost solutions systemizing all operations and reducing costs dramatically throughout the company.


SCG’s distinctive advantage: SCG’s executive level management skills combined with expertise in logistics, IT, and communications resulted in low cost, high return solutions throughout the company with long term eight figure savings.


Reliable Automatic Sprinkler

Reliable Automatic Sprinkler is a major manufacturer and distributor of complete fire suppression systems. RAS ran out of space in the NY distribution center negatively impacting operations, costs and customer service.

Project objective:

Redesign the NY distribution center within the existing space to increase storage capacity and operational efficiency to accommodate both current requirements and future business growth


Objective achieved:

SCG quickly redesigned the layout including changes to location heights, product placement, rack usage and systems and procedures.


The facility could now accommodate many years of future growth and costs were reduced by over 40% for staffing and equipment.


SCG’s distinctive advantage: A true business partner with executive level management skills who offers end to end solutions.


RAS was so pleased with the results that they hired SCG to do numerous projects over the next five years, including:

  Changed the corporate inventory model to move all slow/dead items to one facility freeing up space and reducing costs in 11 other DCs

  Created systems in the main production plant to directly receive materials to the area where they would be needed next, not to storage in the rear of the building and by also changing travel paths and methods within the facility increased throughput and efficiency by over 50%

  Designed a system to manage defective raw materials on the spot resulting in quicker resolution of last minute problems and less down time

  Produced plans and layouts for the new raw material and finished product warehouses to support the new 450,000 sq. ft. automated manufacturing plant in Greenville, SC

  Led the project team to determine requirements, and specify, write RFPs for, acquire, install, and implement new WMS software, associated hardware and bar code scanning systems to be used in the new manufacturing center and 12 warehouses

HD Smith

HD Smith (now HD Smith Amerisource Bergen)

HD is a multi-billion dollar a year pharmaceutical distributor that outgrew their NJ distribution center and did not have the internal skill sets to determine the size of the new facility.

Project objective:

Determine the size of the new distribution center and document the results to get approval to build from corporate executives


Objective achieved:

  Using SCG’s proprietary growth modeling system we determined 6 possible building size options based on growth factors and ceiling heights. Once HD staff saw how each option would operate and related costs, they chose the size immediately

  SCG wrote the report documenting the results and within 2 weeks approval was given to build the new facility 

SCG’s distinctive advantage: SCG’s proprietary growth modeling system combined with high level data analysis skills executive level experience result in quick, expert documented solutions.


Anvil International

Anvil International the largest and complete manufacturer of pipe fittings and pipe hangers and supports in the world had to reorganize its finished goods warehouse to accommodate a new product line (1,000 new SKUs) in a full warehouse.

Project objective:

To redesign systems, storage models and layouts to accommodate the new product line.


Objective achieved:

  SCG resized locations and aisles and changed the storage model to add 30% more storage capacity

  SCG created a high speed lane that brought made-to-order finished product directly from the production area to the shipping dock for direct loading into the trailers

  By systemizing all procedures based on best practice productivity increased by 75%. 


SCG’s distinctive advantage: A unique combination of experience and skill sets allows SCG to complete projects within budget and on time with maximum ROI for the client.

Anvil International
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